Wisp Decaf Blend

Wisp Decaf Blend

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Wisp is our signature decaffeinated coffee blend.  A combination of South American and Central American coffees decaffeinated through water process decaffeination (Swiss Water and Mountain Water respectively).  We have been completely impressed with the two decaf coffees that combine in this blend and putting the two together after arriving at the best ratio (plenty of cuppings and tastings) have us enchanted at the result of this well balanced but flavorful coffee.  In the cup, notes of mild nuttiness and milk chocolate with subtle citrus and honey prove how great a decaf coffee can be without having to settle for old stereotypes of underwhelming flavors and body.

The decaffeination process for both of these two great coffees is a diffusion and osmosis process to remove the caffeine in a water bath with charcoal filters.   Most decaffeinated coffees are achieved through the use of chemical solvents - primarily methylene chloride or ethyl acetate.  Vortex Roasters refuses to sell coffees where chemical means are used to achieve a result that can be be completed naturally (using water only), regardless of assurances that nearly all chemicals are removed at the completion of the process.  

We believe that decaf coffee drinkers shouldn't have to settle for underwhelming cups of the good stuff.

Roast: Medium

Process: Honey and natural processes

Decaffeination process: 100% water processes

Varietal: Colombia, Castillo and Catura

Elevation: 1500m to 1800m ASL 

Origins: Honduras and Colombia

Imported under fair practice standards.

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