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The Vortex Roasters Sampler Box includes three 4 ounce bags of premium coffee, selected as a collection to be enjoyed by our customers.  These sampler boxes make great gifts for coffee lovers and those curious about the different types of coffees from around the world.  They are also a very good way to explore the different flavors of coffees. Each sampler bag comes with enough coffee for 2 or 3 full brews of coffee - be that "8-10 cup" drip coffee maker, large size French Press, or "8-10 cup" (40 to 50oz) Chemex or similar pour-over vessel.  Sample bags can be ground at your request, simply choose the grind size in your selection prior to adding the Sampler Box to your cart.  For more information on specific brewing methods, grind size recommendations and water to coffee ratios, check out our Brewing Guides at the bottom of the webpage.                                                                                                                                                                                
**If this is to be a gift, leave us a note as you checkout and we will be sure to ship the Sampler Box inside a second shipping box to keep the box free from postal markings, shipping labels, etc.
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